1. A Guide to Facebook Promoted Posts

    Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts are two of Facebook’s advertising tools that many marketers confuse or group together as “Facebook ads.” Although the true reason behind the confusion is unknown, for one reason or another marketers find it difficult to understand the difference between these two separate advertising features on Facebook. Often times the varying terminology can be difficult to understand based on which type of ad is more beneficial for marketing objectives.

    Facebook Ads are well, ads. Based on the objectives of the advertiser, they can specifically target customized ads to various demographics. Some targeting demographics include interests, education, location, age, gender and work. From the beginning Facebook’s traditional ad model has always had problems. The extremely low CTR (click through rate) led many marketers to believe the value wasn’t in ads, but in content and creating a conversation around the brand. The problem that many traditional marketers fail to understand is that people don’t go on Facebook to be bombarded with ads, they log on to be social with their family, friends, and favorite brands.

    Promoted Posts begin as organic content, or earned media. Promoted Posts push content that is typically more relevant and interesting to a user than an ad. Sponsoring a story simply increases the reach of the specific post beyond the reach of the brand’s Facebook Page community and into a targeted market of users. Through the use of “Promoted Posts” businesses can pay for their posts to show up more often and on more News Feeds. This allows for more people to see their post, opens the door for more engagement, and increases the reach of the content beyond the brand’s Facebook community. We’ve put together a visual description of the different types of Promoted Posts on Facebook and how they work below.